Slow beauty concept

This is the very concept of how I design my products, formulas and little helpers.

For me it is more than just mixing some ingredients it is a new way to think about beauty products in general.

The Foundation – amazing natural ingredients

I use only the best raw natural ingredients and avoid any unnecessary fillers used in other cosmetic products.

I create pure natural products with no synthetics, so naturally my products only have a short shelf-live but in return you get the purest ever product – and that’s exactly what your skin is waiting for.

The Booster – the power of minerals

Therapists are claiming, they can do everything from boosting your energy levels to calming frayed nerves and balancing the body and mind.

They have intense natural vibrations and can deeply penetrate your skin to work at a cellular level.

We are talking about minerals, crystals and gemstones - the ultimate special that makes every single one of our products magic and unique.

They will help you to glow from the inside out!

Before the stones make their way to their new owner, a complete cleaning and charging takes place.

Only then they are lovingly filled with respect and positive energy individually in the bottles.

Soothe your soul as well as your skin!

The Finish - love your skin the way it is


You deserve to feel beautiful.

Our products should strengthen you on the journey to a better skin and a confident image of yourself.

The products are your daily helpers who support you to care for your skin mindfully and lovingly.

Make your facial care your personal mindfulness ritual.

We want you to be confident, comfortable, and happy with yourself and in the skin, you have.

Even though you don’t have the fine-pored baby skin yet never forget to love your skin the way it is, accept it, give it these positive vibes.

Let us start this journey together!