When I developed the products of our Rose Quartz product line, I attached great importance to the use of high-quality and natural ingredients. Each ingredient serves a purpose and should help your skin to get back into balance.

The products are suitable for many different skin types because I only used natural ingredients and no mineral oils or other synthetic materials which can harm your skin and our nature.

The focus during the development was on the optimal care for combination, impure and oily skin. You can easily find out if you correspond to this skin type.

The impure, oily skin condition

  • Produces too much fat (Seborrhea)
  • Oily, shiny and large-pored skin
  • Tends to pimples and blackheads and a thickened horny layer
  • Seborrhoea oleosa: high water and fat content (fat shine)
  • Seborrhoea sicca: too much fat, lack of water

Combination skin

  • Dry and oily areas available
  • T-zone (forehead, nose, chin): large-pored, oily, inflammation and impurities
  • cheeks dry, sometimes scaly, feeling of tension

I would be very happy if you could try my products  and experience the soothing effect and this natural glow after your skincare routine. Therefore, you can test the products without any risk and if you don't like them you will get your money back within 40 days after purchase.