About me


Hi, my name is Hana, I am the founder of DUŠA & KAMEN and I have been struggling with skin problems and impurities since my puberty. I assume that you feel the same.

You know the feeling I've had since I was 16 when I wished I could just go out of the house spontaneously without make-up. Even when I was jogging in the woods, I used to put on make-up - crazy, right?

In the last 10 years I have tried and tested countless products, nothing really helped me. It didn't matter if it was 10€ or 100€ that I spent. I have also been to various dermatologists and pharmacists - all without success.

At some point I started to deal with my skin myself and experiment with my own formulations - that was in March 2018. I had already trained as a beautician in Mainz before my time as a physiotherapist at the age of 18 and knew quite well about the ingredients and their effects.

At the same time, I continued my education on the Internet, in various blogs and further training courses in the field of natural cosmetics and continued to change and adapt my formulations.

This time has completely changed my point of view and my way of thinking about myself and my skin. I no longer see my skin as my enemy, but as a friend that needs to be cared for lovingly and intensively.

During this time I have understood that I cannot change the basic type of my skin, but I can optimally care for my skin according to its current condition.

Meine Haut vorher / nachher

That was the birth of DUŠA & KAMEN and my Rose Quartz line. When my girlfriends noticed the change in my skin, they wanted to test the products themselves and I quickly got some requests to produce my products for my girlfriends.

Fast Forward - after almost two years of development with many improvements, dozens of versions, tests and countless night shifts, I launched my own cosmetic line - Rose Quartz - for impure skin in July 2020.

The feedback since July has simply blown me away - in addition to the over forty 5-star product reviews from our customers, there are now also more detailed customer testimonials, which regularly move me to tears - because I recognize myself in each of these stories.

In the meantime, there are even cosmetic institutes specializing in acne and impure skin that now use my products, I would never have dared to dream of.

So, if you also have to deal with impure skin or just want to try something new, just test the products yourself. You can try the set with the 40-day-money-back-guarantee without any risk and see for yourself.