Shipping policy

We ship our products only with carbon-neutral shipping when possible, to limit our carbon footprint.

Are there any costs of delivery?

If you are inside of the EU and your order is over 30€, there are no shipping costs for you. If you are outside of the EU additional shipping costs and tariffs may apply depending on your location.

How long does it take to get the package to my location?

That really depends on your location. Please have a closer look at our delivery table for more details:


Usually arrives 1-2 business days after shipping


Usually arrives 1-4 business days after shipping

Outside EU

Usually arrives less than 7 days after shipping, but heavily depends on your location, also there are some additional waiting times for packages due to CoVid-19 so please use your tracking information which will be send via e-mail.


Is the shipment insured?

Of course we insure our shipment so it is totally save for you to order, if something happens along the way we will cover this with our shipping insurance, please contact our support if this applies to your shipment.

What if the package is damaged or "disappears" during the shipment?

Even though the probability is very low, the package may get damaged or lost on the way to you. Do not worry, in this case, you can leave a message to our customer service and we will send you a new package without you having to pay anything. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions regarding the shipping, please contact our support team here.