With DUŠA & KAMEN I have fulfilled my dream of my own cosmetic line. I wanted to combine my enthusiasm and experience in the field of natural and active cosmetics with the power of precious stones to give you wonderful moments in your daily skin care routine.

So, I thought about what values we want to stand for at the very beginning and these four points came out:

Effectiveness comes first

I wanted to create the best possible skin care line for impure and oily skin that would really make a difference for women suffering from their skin problems. Therefore, effectiveness is my number one priority. All ingredients were carefully selected and tested by me and have proven their effectiveness in various studies.

Every ingredient in our products has a purpose, we do not use fillers to increase our margin, nor do we use mineral oils, parabens or synthetic substances. We always use the best possible quality of ingredients, so our products cost a little more, but you will notice the difference the first time you use them.

Rose quartz - the booster for your skin care routine

I have been obsessed with precious stones since my childhood and I am especially fascinated by rose quartz and its effects. Precious stones were used in beauty care rituals thousands of years ago and even Cleopatra swore by the power of rose quartz.

The rose quartz with its natural properties perfectly supports the product line for impure skin and is an important part of my Mindful Beauty concept.

Growth yes but sustainable

We try to include the topic of sustainability directly in all our activities in the company. This is not always perfectly possible, but we think it is important that the topic is a priority for a start-up:

  • We try to use glass instead of plastic packaging for our products, where possible
  • We avoid countless wrappings and extra paper that you just throw away
  • Our packaging is made of FSC certified paper and more than 90% of it is recycled waste paper
  • We always ship our products climate-neutrally and are happy to pay a little more so that the products reach you in the most environmentally friendly way possible

We are always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint so if you have any suggestions please help us in getting even better.

We want to make a difference

Our products are based on wonderful, natural raw materials, so the topic of environmental protection is very important to us. We have decided against planting only one tree for each product, but with each purchase we support a charity organization with 2€ to stop climate change and protect our nature with sustainable projects.

Try the Rose Quartz line now and see the fantastic ingredients for yourself.