We get a lot of messages about how happy some our customers are with the results so this is the place where you can read about our favorite skincare journeys and real customer testimonials.

Enesa S.(Instagram)



Age: 25-30

Location: Area of Wiesbaden

Skin type: combination skin, currently very dry, sensitive

Enesa's skincare journey:

I have always had quite a few problems with my skin. I had a lot of pimples and never actually used any cream. In the end, I mostly used make-up to cover my problems instead of worrying about my skin getting better. After removing my make-up, my skin was always very red, sensitive and dry, no matter what I used to remove it.

I have been using the Rose Quartz Line from Hana for a few weeks now and just cleaning my skin is completely different. After the cleanser my skin feels relaxed and good since I can think. I use all three products currently morning and evening in my routine and the oil is my absolute favorite. After applying the oil my skin feels very good and not dry at all.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

For me a lot has changed, I have been putting make-up since I was 14 even if I just go for a walk. No I walk around Wiesbaden with no make-up I would have never thought that this would be possible for me.

Flora R. (Instagram)


Age: 25-30

Location: Area of Basel

Skin type: Seborrhoe sicca

Floras's skincare journey:

When I was 23 I got severe acne - that was terrible for me. I went to several dermatologists, nobody could help me. I was given various creams and prescription pills, which dried out my skin and only made my acne worse. I dealt intensively with the topic of skin and decided to complete the training as a beautician.

Since January I have been self-employed and was looking for the right products for a long time, because I only use products that are good for myself. I myself use the bundle of DUŠA & KAMEN daily and I am enthusiastic about them.

I have no more dry and unclean areas and I can only recommend the products for their ingredients, use and results. I work with DUŠA & KAMEN in my medical beauty salon and my clients love the products. If you have troubled skin, this bundle is perfect for you.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

I have fallen in love with the products after using them the first time and so did most of my customers. For me this is the perfect brand to partner with because we share the same values and I can really help my customers.

Dzelija N. (Instagram)


Age: 30-40

Location: Area of Mainz

Skin type: combination skin

Dzelija's skincare journey:

I used to struggle with impurities on my forehead, nose and chin. Depending on the season also with redness and dry spots.

I have significantly less impurities and pimples since I have been using the care of DUŠA & KAMEN. My skin feels soft and balanced and over time it has developed a natural glow.

I have tried many high quality skin care products before, but there has rarely been a skin care line that I was so enthusiastic about after the first application.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

I definitely see a change, the dryness and redness has been reduced and my skin feels smooth. Also I really celebrate my morning and evening skincare ritual like little spa moments.

Georgia T. (Instagram)


Age: 30-40

Location: Area of Ludwigshafen

Skin type: oily, impure skin

Georgia's skincare journey:

I have already tried a lot because I have been struggling with acne since my puberty. I already had my skin under control, but still acne scars and new inflammations from time to time.

Since I have been using the skincare bundle from DUŠA & KAMEN, this has changed a lot. There have been days when I feel totally comfortable in my skin without make-up and I don't have the urge to cover it.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

I get much less inflammation, my pores look finer and my skin looks healthy and very pure. Based on my own experience, I have also decided to use the products in the cabin in my studio and what can I say my customers are thrilled.

Oliv A. (Instagram)


Age: 30-40

Location: Area of Munich

Skin type: combination skin

Olivs's skincare journey:

My skin had many phases, there was a regular change between beautiful, calm, pimply and pale. Especially in the pimply and pale phase I spent a lot of money on professional facial cleansing and promising products.

The price category was often La Prairie, but I was never 100% satisfied and never bought products a second time.

When I saw DUŠA & KAMEN, I was in a good skin phase, but still wanted a little more glow. Since the first application I have loved the product. My good skin, became a very good skin. In the last 2 months I had a maximum of 2 pimples, otherwise my skin feels well nourished and beautiful after the routine all day long.

I am totally addicted to the smell of the serum. There is no other care product that I like to smell so much. So sometimes I apply it out of sheer pleasure in the smell and my skin is happy about it. Currently I am almost done with the second set, it is the first skin care product I have bought more than once.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

My boyfriend is now also using it because of my experience, which is of course bad, because they are empty so much faster 😊

Melli G. (Instagram)

Age: 30-40

Location: Area of Ludwigshafen

Skin type: combination skin

Melli's skincare journey:

I have always been careful with my skin care routine and used high quality products, but I had never worked with facial oils because I thought my skin could not handle them.

With DUŠA & KAMEN I have changed that and through the oil I have a completely different procedure in my daily care routine.

Since I like to look fresh and radiant, but still like to be unvarnished, I now use the oil every day. My skin looks calm and shines in a completely natural state without any make-up.

What has changed for you since you use the products?

After I tested the products myself I started to use less make-up and go out without make-up which is still kind of crazy for me. I also became the first ever business partner of Hana to sell the products to our customers at the Estetic Lounge.