It is time
to fall in love
with your skin


There are days when you just feel good. For me, these are my little Sunny-Sunday-Morning moments of life. With my slow beauty concept, I want to give you this feeling every day to revive the love for your skin. To make it even easier for you to try this feeling for yourself, we launched our travel size line.

Rose Quartz - Clear Skin Bundle
Rose Quartz - Clear Skin Bundle
  • CHF 33.00
  • From CHF 30.00
  • incl. VAT and shipping costs (over 30€)
    within EU

Rose Quartz - foam cleanser
Rose Quartz - foam cleanser
  • From CHF 13.00
  • incl. VAT and shipping costs (over 30€)
    within EU

Rose Quartz - facial toner
Rose Quartz - facial toner
  • From CHF 9.00
  • incl. VAT and shipping costs (over 30€)
    within EU

Rose Quartz - face oil
Rose Quartz - face oil
  • From CHF 12.00
  • incl. VAT and shipping costs (over 30€)
    within EU

Get to know your new best friends

We craft all our products with love and passion and set out to create the best possible cosmetics line for oily, impure skin and combination skin types. Find out what makes your new best friends so unique.

The Foundation

The finest pored cleansing foam your skin has ever felt

Refreshing, subtly floral with a fluffy, almost cotton wool-like consistency, this highly effective cleansing foam forms the basis for your new skincare ritual.

Deep cleansing even with heavy make-up due to gentle sugar and amino acid-based surfactants.

Even with repeated use, the foam does not leave a feeling of tension, due to the use of moisturizing inulin.

Reduces itching and irritation due to the contained rose geranium and is perfectly matched to the cleansing needs of impure and oily skin.

The Booster

The toner with so much power that it simply does not fit into an ampoule

The cooling, soothing skin feeling and the subtle, grounding scent of green tea and lotus make the application to your daily SPA experience. A toner so packed with active ingredients that it resembles a serum, only without the ampoules.

The power ingredient niacinamide (5%) regulates sebum production, relieves inflammation and naturally stimulates collagen production with anti-aging effects.

The proven instant effect for your skin with visibly, refined pores by the containing lotus extract.

Refreshing, lasting moisture and soothing effect due to green tea hydrolate.


The oil for all those who think they do not need facial oil

With its warm, floral notes, the oil is reminiscent of a French summer morning. Velvety, light on the skin and rich in application, the oil makes you shine without leaving a film or acting greasy.

Soothing and anti-inflammatory due to the combination of black currant, balloon vine, almond, jojoba, argan, grape seed and hemp seed oils.

Particularly suitable for oily and blemished skin due to the non-comedogenic properties of the oils used.

The perfect natural glow through cold-pressed and highest quality organic ingredients.

The Ritual

Anchor the Sunny-Sunday-Morning moments in your everyday life

We believe in a holistic approach to beautiful skin. For us, that means using the right products but also setting aside some time for yourself every day. Anchor your own slow beauty routine in your daily life and make every day your little Sunny-Sunday-Morning.

Mindfulness rituals and meditation have been proven to reduce stress. Anchor this positive moment in your daily life, it will also help your skin.

The mindfulness routine is enhanced by the rose quartz stones included in the bottles, which are said to support your self-love and love for your skin and have circulation-stimulating properties.

Gua Sha supports these moments of mindfulness with the facial massage and can be used 2-3 times a week in combination with the oil.

Happiness Guarantee

If my products don't bring a smile to your face after 40 days, you get your money back - I want you to try the products without any risk and fall in love with them head over heels.

Hana Boppre - Founder, Slow Beauty Addict and in love with gemstones

6 good reasons why you should buy from us


I use my very own formulation which is made and bottled with love in Germany

Natural cosmetics

All products are free from parabens, silicones and mineral oil.


vegan, BIO, cruelty-free and without artificial fragrances and coloring

Real gemstone

All our products contain authentic rose quartz stones.

indy Brands

Support an independent and innovative beauty manufacturer from the Germany.

Sustainability and
Green Design

We donate 2€ for climate projects for each bottle we sell to fight climate change.