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Hana the founder of DUŠA & KAMEN

Hello, my name is Hana and I founded DUŠA & KAMEN, a slow beauty skincare brand, with my husband Johannes. The name DUŠA & KAMEN is Serbo-Croatian and means soul & stone. It describes everything we stand for. The love and respect for my roots, nature and the energy that surrounds us.

“Skincare that puts a smile on your face.''

Our Slow Beauty concept focuses on you as a person, not just your skin problems. The beauty industry has been selling us unrealistic beauty standards and unattainable definitions for THE perfect skin. This needs to stop!

We love skin minimalism! Because less is more!

Fewer layers, fewer skincare steps, but more effective and natural ingredients that will help your skin in its function and express its natural glow. At DUŠA & KAMEN we believe that your skin and the problems you may have are not solely on a physical level, but also have a spiritual and mental part. You need to learn to accept yourself and fall in love with your skin again.

The Rose Quartz Line from DUŠA & KAMEN

This change cannot come overnight - no matter who wants to tell you that there is a quick fix - from my perspective there is not. That's why we rely on powerful natural ingredients and real rose quartz stones in every product. Combined with our Slow Beauty routines, we want to create a positive anchor in your everyday life to give your skin the products it really needs. All with the goal of making you feel good about your skin again. Because this also takes some time we offer a 40-day money-back guarantee.

We wholeheartedly support the Slow Beauty principles by focusing on essential, but highly effective products that are produced as sustainably as possible and care for your skin holistically.


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