Rose Quartz - Gua Sha

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Gua Sha is a stimulating and firming facial massage from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our Gua Sha stone is custom made of 100% rose quartz and comes in a wonderful fairtrade bag.


  • Even more natural glow through the blood circulation stimulating effect
  • Relaxes the facial muscles and the effort
  • Swelling can be reduced by stimulating the lymph flow
  • Natural anti-aging effect, elasticity of the connective tissue can be stimulated
  • Rose quartz as healing stone gives you love and supports your natural glow


  1. Clean your skin before using the Gua Sha
  2. Apply a little oil to the skin. The Gua Sha must never be used on dry skin.
  3. Scrape flat and with little pressure on the skin (approx. 45 degree angle), if necessary hold the skin with the other hand
  4. A few strokes on one spot are quite sufficient
  5. Always start at the neck and work along the neck a few moves
  6. In the face you then work from the inside out
  7. The pictures and videos show you a few examples, but there are also many possibilities and techniques

I personally start with a mindful exercise before using the Gua Sha so I exhale deeply 3 times to make this my special finish of my skincare routine. You can do it on a daily basis but I recommend it 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes. 

You should not use Gua Sha if you have acute neurodermatitis, severe inflammation or a fresh injury. 

After the treatment you should drink some water or unsweetened tea and avoid direct cold.

Rose Quartz:

The Rose Quartz brings everything back into balance. It can stimulate the blood circulation and gives your facial skin a beautiful, radiant appearance. It represents love and helps you learn to love your skin again.

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