DIY - the perfect winter shimmer bodyoil in less than 2 minutes

Why i have been using body oils for a long time?

Bodyoils are exactly what your skin needs. For those who wnat to use only natural ingredients, body oils are the way to go. Using bodyoil on wet skin is like using body lotion without emulsifier to hold water and oil together.

Your skin have this deep, long lasting moisture feeling.  

The production with our ingredients takes only five minutes.

So simple and it works, i’m  really a big fan, i love good and natural ingredients.

What else you need:

  • glass bottle (100ml)
  • gloves
  • funnel
  • alcohol to rinse the bottle with it
  • disinfectant
  • spoon

Ingredients for 100ml:

  • 30 ml jojoba oil
  • 30ml apricot kernel oil
  • 40ml almond oil
  • pigment gold or another
  • 2 drops Essential oil peppermint or another


  1. put on your gloves and rinse the glass bottle with alcohol
  2. disinfect the spoon
  3. Mix the oil together
  4. Add the essential oil and vitamin E
  5. Finally, the pigment and shake the mixture

Keep away from light, durable for approx. 6 months

Enjoy mixing and  rock our skin together


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