DIY - soothing face mask in less than 3 minutes

Cleopatra also loved clay face mask and so do I.

Clay has many wonderful properties and is really easy to implement as a DIY mask. There are very different types of clay, from different parts of the world.

In this example I am using kaolin. It is especially recommended for sensitive skin.

Ready-mixed clay masks need a lot of additives. I have often had more irritation after use than before.

You know that less is more for me and that I want to use fillers and stabilizers as little as possible.

This DIY has a liquid and a dry phase. You always stir your mask together freshly before use. 

What else you need:

  • A libra
  • A pair of gloves
  • A disinfectant
  • A spoon
  • Two glass bottles, each 30ml with a cap


Dry phase:

  • Kaolin (white): 30g

Moist phase:

  • 7g of chamomile water
  • 3g glycerin
  • 3g Biogard 221


  1. Fill the kaolin in a glass bottle
  2. Mix the chamomile water, glycerin and Biogard 221 together and pour into another bottle.
  3. Mix 10 ml of liquid and 10 g of kaolin for application and apply to the face.

Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes (do not let it dry completely) and then remove with luke warm water.

Then treat your face with a tonic and a facial oil. Clay can dry out your face, therefore use it only once a week.

Happy mixing :)

Why I chose the ingredients:


Minerals are activated by the moisture and bind sebum and metabolic products. Soothe the skin and refine the pores.

Chamomile Water:

The hydrolate contains azulene, which has a very good effect on impure skin. The skin regenerates and inflammation is calmed.


A natural moisturizer and keeps the moisture of the skin together.

Biogard 221:

A natural preservative, which is necessary for the moist phase to avoid the formation of fungi and bacteria. Keeps the product stable and it is well tolerated by the skin.

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