Winter is coming - how to beat the winter blues!

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year.

You enjoy your holidays and qualitytime with your family and friends, the snow, it`s getting cosy. Some people really love winter.

For others winter days are cold and dark.

They are waiting only for the first few days of spring.

I’m exactly like this.

I’m feeling more moody, losing my motivation and energy.

Especially in this time go within to recharge your heart and mind.

Maybe you are lacking sun.

It can be a little rough staying positive, so this is why we exactly need shiny, happy crystals.

How to fight your winter blues

Crystal literally hold the earth’s DNA, because they retrain all the information they have ever been exposed to for millions of years.

This information you can also call energy.

All living things are made of energy.

This energy can be absorbed and has a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”-Albert Einstein

We all have our own unique vibrational frequency.

Some of us have a higher vibration the feel more kindness, love and peace others in turn have more lov vibes with emotions like anger, fear and jealousy.

Peoples’ energy is very unstable and easily to change.

Crystals have a stable energy frequency and this is why the can so profoundly influence our less energy.

Gems have different colors that also vibrate at a certain frequency.

So they act differently and release energetic blocks and support chakras.

Use the energy of the crystals, get as much natural sunlight as possible, eat fresh and clean and exercise.

This is my combination to get through the winter.

I am going to share my favorite crystals to use during the winter season.

Quartz Crystal

 It is a clearing stone, promotes peace and patience.

This crystal will help you revives spirit and body.

Carry a single crystal in your pocket or as jewelry it will open your mind, it will help you stay positive guiding this winter season.

Blue Lace Agate

My favorit winter crystal.

This crystal makes you feel relaxed and mind opening.

He ensures a clear and confident communcation.

That helps you focused, patience and boost your self-confidence.

Place them in the room where you sepnd the most time.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is your little helper when our world  seems harsh.

He carries a warm and soft energy that brings forgivness and  compassion.

Place this crystal on your heart and take a deep breath.

It has the power to promote blood circulation and thus the skin is better supplied with blood.

It gives the facial skin a beautiful, pleasant appearance and can relieve tensions and headaches.

So that’s why we use rose quartz in our first skin care line.

I personally wear the quartz and the blue lace agate as bracelet.

My rose quart lies on my bedside table all year round.

Find your best combination for your.

Remember your power and go with great intensions into this winter.

 Lot of positive vibes Hana


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