Which stone is the right one for you?

Every stone is just right

Picking the right gemstone and crystal is a very unique topic and highly depending on the persons energy and needs.

There is no "one-stone-fits-all" and each stone is special and unique.

There are some typical attributes to certain stones, but a stone has to feel right to the person choosing it - that is the most important rule of all. 

Today I present you the gemstones that are often used in my beauty routine.

My ultimate beauty stones used in my daily routine for my face

Rose quarz

It brings everything back into balance.

It has the power to promote blood circulation and thus the skin is better supplied with blood.

It gives the facial skin a beautiful, pleasant appearance and can relieve tensions and headaches.


It relieves all types of tensions and pain in the body.

That is why it is so valuable especially for the relaxation of the eye area and jaw muscles.


It provides clarity and energy.

This makes it perfect for cleansing and purifying the skin.

The cooling effect is especially pleasant in the face after a long and stressful day. 

The ultimate anti-stress and power stone 

The green Aventurine is your haven of peace in stressful moments.

On the one hand it provides serenity which is very important when you are in high-stake situations, on the other hand it gives you strength which helps to solves fears and tension and clears your mind of those negative emotions. 

It gives you the energy and self-confidence to master your daily tasks with enthusiasm and creativity.

It supports you to get yourself back into a healthy state of mind and therefore the ultimate power stone for me. 

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