What is the difference between follicle filaments and blackheads?

The essential and visually most striking difference is that follicle filaments occur predominantly in groups in the T-zone and blackheads can appear individually as deep black / brown spots anywhere on the face.

The sebum on the surface of the skin comes into contact with oxygen and changes color (oxidizes).

The sebum can drain normally in follicular filaments and in blackheads it clogs.

You notice blackheads by the fact that they form a firm dome on the skin and possibly cause inflammation.

Follicle filaments are also recognizable by larger pores, but much lighter in comparison to blackheads.

Because here the sebum flows unhindered and no bacteria collect in the pores. In contrast to blackheads, follicle filaments can always be found increasingly in one place.

What can you do about follicle filaments?

Of course you are wondering what you can do about follicle filaments.
Under no circumstances should you try to squeeze them.

How much sebum you produce and how visible these pores are is a purely genetic component. The more you manipulate, the more likely you are to injure your pores.

Genetic cannot be manipulated. But with a suitable, daily facial care, a good peeling and a regular visit to your beautician you can get it under control.

Face oils especially for impure and oily skin can help you to make the follicle filaments appear optically smaller. 

The skin is signaled that there is enough fat available and there is no excess production. The pores are not automatically overloaded and remain smaller and finer.

Test our facial oil, it was specially developed for blemished and oily skin. A combination of many valuable essences and rich vitamins with a fine drop of love for your blemished skin.



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