HOW TO: Recharge your stones

A little ritual

Like everything in life, your beautiful gems sometimes need affection and care, so let's talk about how you can recharge your stones. 

Regardless of whether you have bought a new stone, or your stones are already full of dust.

It is important to get rid of negative energy, so they can shine again.

This is especially necessary if you include your stones in your meditation, daily cosmetics or if they are in contact with other people's energies you should take good care of them every now and then.  

Important notice: Do not see this purification process as a duty, but as a loving ritual. Do it very consciously, with many loving thoughts and wishes.

Cleaning (Discharge)

To be sure that only positive energy is stored in your stone, it is important to clean the stones from foreign energy, especially after a purchase of a new stone. 

Keep your stones under running water, take a mild natural soap and clean them of all physical dust and dirt. 

At the beginning the stone will feel strangely slick on the surface, which decreases over time and the stone will start to feel pleasant.

After that you should put the stones into the sun to naturally dry them.

The energy is now discharged and can be recharged, this type of cleaning is only suitable if your stones contain no metal parts or water-soluble elements.

Power On (Recharge) 

The final step to recharge your stones is to put them in an Amethyst Druse for a day.

Perform this Recharging Process very consciously with many positive thoughts, be in the "now" and mindful, as these thoughts will be charged into your stones. 

This is my favorite way to clean and recharge my stones, there are many other ways and as always with gemstones and crystals this process needs to feel good to you otherwise it won't work so it is perfectly fine to customize this process, so it feels perfect for you. 

If you try other cleaning processes please pay attention to the mineral composition of your stones, not every method is allowed and suitable for each stone.

There is a risk with some cleaning procedures that certain healing stones will be damaged.

Have fun and a lot of positive vibes


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