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Facial oils vs creams - and why I am focusing on oils for your face routine

Why we rely on the skin`s self healing power 

We work according to our Mindful beauty philosophy and therefore we rely on effective, highly concentrated herbal ingredients.

With our products we support the skin to help itself, according to the principles of self-healing.

In order for a cream to look like a cream, it needs emulsifiers and preservatives to combine fat and moisture.

These additional ingredients have no effective function for our skin.

The skin still absorbs these ingredients and a lot of people do not know that. 

That's why you should apply any skin care product consciously and read the list ingredients carefully to understand what you will be putting on your skin.

If the required preservatives and emulsifiers in creams are not of natural origin, but contain, for example, mineral oils and animal fats, they can strain our skin or trigger allergies.

Face oils of the highest organic quality, on the other hand, are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The ingredients do not have to be elaborately processed so that they have an effect.

The skin takes exactly what it needs – that´s on of our core principles of our Mindful Beauty concept.

What are facial oils exactly?

Facial oils are usually composed of different oils, adapted to the needs of the skin.

So the highest concentration of natural, plant-based ingredients for the effective care of your skin.

How do facial oils work in general?

  1.  The vegetable oils form a connection with our skin fat, thus protecting us from moisture loss
  2. They also have an anti-aging component. By holding the moisture together, the elasticity is retained and wrinkles can be reduced
  3. Inflammatory processes in the entire body and directly under the skin make us age. So not just the visible inflammation on the face in the form of a pimple. The anti-inflammatory components in some oils protect our skin barrier and support the regeneration process
  4. The contained antioxidants additionally support the skin in protecting it from daily environmental influences

The effect on troubled skin

  1. When you are using facial oils your skin will be supplied with an optimal amount of nutrients and vitamins, therefore the:
  2. Inflammation is reduced, the complexion calms down
  3. Sebum production is reduced
  4. Pores refine
  5. Fat film is reduced
  6. Skin balance is restored
  7. Moisturizes, promotes resilience and thus also prevents wrinkles

    How do facial oils work on blemished skin?

    Helping your skin to help herself - our skin recognizes that there is enough fat available and therefore our own production is reduced.

    The sebum production is kept in balance, so the pores are not overused and the skin appears fine-pored.

    The perfect combination of natural oils protects the skin barrier against bacteria and can therefore prevent inflammation.

    Women having impure and greasy skins tend to work with strong and aggressive cleaning products to remove the greasy shine.

    The skin, on the other hand, reacts with increased sebum production to protect herself.

    This additional fat cannot be degraded fast enough, so jams the pores and inflammation occurs in cooperation with bacteria.

    Your skin will be even more oily and shine in the end. 

    This vicious circle will continue forever if you do not stop using aggressive cleaning products which will harm your skin. 

    A similar phenomenon can be observed with the cornea on the feet.

    The more you remove, the more is produced.

    With facial oils you can put an end to it all and give the skin the opportunity to regain its balance.


    When using facial oils the right application is very important. 

    Use only a few drops on the face which previously has been cleaned with an natural cleanser and toner.

    The skin has to be slightly damp so that the moisture is trapped by the oil.

    The moisture on the skin and the added oil ultimately create kind of a cream on your skin (without all the emulsifiers).

    Massage the facial oil all over your face with gentle, circular movements so the skin can absorb the oil perfectly.  

    There will be an increased blood circulation in your facial skin which tends to blush your skin slightly red after the usage of a facial oil. 

    This is an desirable sate because the metabolism and the blood circulation have been stimulated.

    In addition, the oil is very economical because you only need a few drops in every routine.

    Don't forget your neck and décolletage

    You dab your face with a towel if there is still an excessive amount of oil on your face after 15 minuets.

    After some time you will be better in estimating the amount of oil that you will need for your facial routine.

    Which oils are we using in our products

    We have been experimenting a lot to create the optimal care for your impure and oily skin. We developed a formula using these highly effective ingredients.  

    Argan oil

    • Is rich in antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids
    • Contains a high concentration of vitamin E
    • Has an antibacterial effects
    • Relieves impurities and pimples
    • Absorbs quickly into the skin
    • Natural anti-aging agent

     Grapeseed oil

    • Reduces blackheads
    • Supports the contraction of the pores (astringent) and refines them
    • Absorbs quickly into the skin

    Hemp oil

    • Contains the active ingredient cannabidiol, which has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial effects
    • Soothes irritated skin
    • Supports the rapid resolution of acute inflammation

     Jojoba oil

    • Is a liquid wax
    • Serves as a moisturizer
    • Very good for oily skin

     Rosehip Oil

    • Supports the quick healing of deep acne and pimple scars
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Regenerative 

    Almond oil

    • contains 19% linoleic acid which strengthens and regenerates the skin barrier
    • Is very skin-friendly

     Chamomile oil

    • Antibacterial
    • Due to the circulation-promoting effect, it accelerates cell renewal

     Evening primrose oil

    • High concentration of omega-6 fatty acids
    • Soothes and has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • Supports the healing process

    Ancient oils and the power of eons in our formulas

    In contrast to every other cosmetic company we are using some ancient ingredients which have been forgotten by the mainstream producers.

    We add a combination of black currant and balloon vine has a high-intensity calming and anti-inflammatory component to our products. 

    With the supportive power of rose quartz, which additionally promotes blood circulation, the perfect glow effect is created and the power of eons will help to heal your skin.  

    I hope that I can now take away any doubts as to whether facial oils are well suited for oily, blemished skin.

    Be open to a whole new and effective facial care routine. 

    Try it out and see for yourself.



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