Crystal of the month: Rock Crystal

Today I would like to introduce the quartz crystal to you. Together with the amethyst and rose quartz they form my Skincare Beauty Trio. 

Rock crystal is known to bring clarity and energy. It cleanses the skin and strengthens the connective tissue.


It is a pure and clear quartz. It is produced from an aqueous silicon solution without foreign substances. 


It is mainly found in the Alps, Brazil and Arkansas


To charge, place the rock crystal in the sun and to discharge it in a bowl of hematite stones.


A crystal showerhead enhances the effect of the other stones in the room. The larger the crystal, the more energetic it is.

He makes our mind bright and clear. Promotes perception and thinking and supports the flow of energy.

Beauty Tip:

Especially for cooling and refreshing the eye area I like to put 2 small rock crystals on my closed eyes for a few minutes. 

Try it out.



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