Crystal of the month: Amethyst

My mother gave me my first gemstone, when I was eight years old. It was an amethyst, which belongs to the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Since I am a Pisces, I was particularly enthusiastic and fascinated by it.

My mother told me to put it in my school bag, it would give me strength in difficult situations.

From this point in time I had stone in my pocket for every important exam I took.

Later it was in my wallet and if it hadn't been stolen some years ago, I would still have kept it there.

That was probably my first conscious encounter with gemstones and until today the fascination for stones has not diminished.

They have an fascinating power over me and in a certain way they make me feel good and calm.

I love especially the Amethyst so much, that in the vision board of the entrance area of my future dream office there will be a big amethyst druse and lead all people with many positive vibes to us in our Feng Shui Office.

But before I get off topic here I will introduce the amethyst to you shortly:


It is formed from volcanic gas bubbles. There are different colours from light to dark violet, that is because of the quartz and iron part, which it carries in itself. It is a crystal quartz, i.e. the crystals are visible with the naked eye.


Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Western Australia, Uruguay


It should not be left in direct sunlight, otherwise it will quickly lose its colour. And once a month you should clean it under warm running water.


It stands for stability and is the stone for spirituality. Negativity is transformed into the positive, so it clarifies our thoughts and feelings.

Even Hildegard von Bingen used it in her treatments for her skin rituals. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and the heart.

It is also used for migraine and tension headaches, thus ensuring a peaceful sleep. It strengthens the ability to concentrate. Inspires the mind and promotes your intuition.

I have two small sections of an amethyst druse. I have them in my bedroom and in the office next to my computer.

For meditation I always place one close to me. It is assigned to the parting chakra and supports you to let go of your mind.
Which of you also has an amethyst at home? and swears by its effect


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