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Crystal infused beauty - how does it work?

Once in contact with them, they creep consciously or unconsciously into more and more areas of your life.

Whether as jewelry or at your desk, on the bedside table, in a glass of water or in cosmetics. We are talking about gemstones.

The stored energy over thousands of years acts on physical, ethereally, mental and spiritual level.

But is it even possible that something so hard and lifeless can be a positive source of energy in addition to the aesthetic appeal?

The use of gemstones is not new, already in the Middle Ages and antiquity they were used as protection against negative energy.

Everything flows - or does it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) describes that all beings on earth radiate energy. Everything on earth is in motion.

The smallest atoms oscillate back and forth at a certain frequency.

This generates energy. Energy that can either be absorbed or released. This applies equally to living and lifeless things.

Our energy affects our environment beyond our physical perception.

For stones, this vibration is dependent on color and composition. They can transmit energies, filtering individual qualities and strengthening others.

Skincare with a higher vibration

So, all cells in our body absorb these vibrations and bring them to a higher energetically level.

External influences, interactions with people and animals and other stimuli constantly trigger chemical reactions in us.

Reactions are the result of "work", "work" means deprivation of energy. This energy needs to return to the body and mind.

This is exactly what we want to achieve with crystal infused cosmetics.

The combination of the best natural ingredients in your cosmetics combined with the concentrated energy of certain crystals and gemstones helps to harmonize the body's energy flow and give back what we have lost over the day. 

The result is a well-grounded body feeling, radiant, vibrant skin and inner contentment or in short, my Mindful Beauty Concept. 

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